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    • Liberty Accepts Over 3000 Secondary Insurances

      And Is Contracted With Over 300 Managed Care Plans

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  • Liberty® Medical has developed this site with you—and your patients—in mind. The Liberty HCP Resource Center is where you’ll find a wealth of diabetes information for controlling diabetes--from the latest developments in DME to changes in Medicare/Medicaid billing to free educational materials that you can provide to your patients.

    Celebrating 20 years as a leader in home-delivered diabetes supplies and diabetic products, Liberty Medical is renewing our commitment to helping you help your patients make this disease as manageable as possible.

    Liberty accepts most major insurance plans, and over 3,000 secondary insurances, and is contracted with over 300 managed care plans for purchasing diabetes products like our diabetes testing supplies.

  • The Liberty Medical Blue Box

    Liberty Blue BoxThe famous Liberty Medical Blue Box is filled with folders addressing 16 topics important to patients with diabetes. The box contains copies of each topic, allowing you customize an ”information packet” that can address each patient’s particular needs.


    Certified Diabetes Educators

    Certified Diabetes EducatorThe ratio of CDEs to diagnosed diabetes patients in the U.S. is approximately 1:1,340. Figure in the number of undiagnosed and pre-diabetic patients, and the gap in care widens significantly.  Liberty Medical Customers have access to our specially trained professionals who offer educational counseling, not products.


    Insulin Pump Center of Excellence

    Insulin Pump CenterNow in its 10th year, our popular Insulin Pump Center of Excellence offers live support as well as 24X7 support from our staff of Certified Pump Trainers. Your patients are able to explore many options to discover which pump addresses their individual needs. All of the pumps are from recognized brands that they trust. And, of course, customers get delivery of these and other diabetes testing supplies right to their door, with no shipping charges


    Liberty’s Healthy Living™ Guide to Diabetes Management

    Healthy LivingOur CDEs, in collaboration with various physicians, have compiled a 20-page guide that explains the importance of compliance and basic understanding of meter reading, diabetes recipes, meal planning and co-conditions related to diabetes and controlling diabetes. This guide is free to Liberty Medical customers and accompanies their first shipment of diabetic products and supplies.